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        SocketPro is a package of software components written from batching, asynchrony and parallel computations with many unique and critical features to help you quickly develop secured internet-enabled client and server applications with super performance and scalability. It is very different from traditional frameworks such as DCOM, Corba, Java RMI, dotNet Remoting, Web service and WCF. SocketPro supports all of windows and devices platforms as well as cross-platform web browsers development through HTTP protocol.

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Key Benefits of SocketPro:

  • Super performance
    It is guaranteed that SocketPro based client-server applications beat all of WCF, .Net remoting, DCOM, COM/Surrogation, MTS/COM+, Corba, Java RMI and Web service in speed UNDER ALL CASES! No joke!
  • Many features
            None of the common frameworks provides more features than SocketPro. Many of SocketPro features are found ONLY in SocketPro.
  • Simple to use
            SocketPro solves many complex problems for developing real distributed applications. The latest version of SocketPro is simpler to use than any of the common distributed application frameworks.
    Text tutorials, video tutorials, samples, and articles are provided.
  • Bi-directional notification, push or real-time messaging
            SocketPro comes with a built-in messaging push service which enables your applications to notify messages bi-directionally among web browser, database, middle tier, desktop and devices applications in real-time fashion.
  • Different programming experience and lots of fun
            SocketPro is written from batching, asynchrony and parallel computations. You have a totally different programming experience with lots of fun, and will have no or much less multithreading and event problems to bother you!
  • Accessing your data securely anywhere over all of types of networks, Dial-up, cable, DSL, Wireless modems, and LAN
    SocketPro is created for internet development with all of types of networks. You can share your databases, files, and messages over all of types of networks. You can even use a phone line modem to access these data with decent speed.  
  • All window platforms and devices as well as web browsers fully supported
    Beginning from version 5, SocketPro fully supports HTTP protocol. You can use HTTP protocol to access SocketPro from whatever your development environments and languages.
  • Secure with industrial standards
    Support SSL/TLS, UDAParts security protocol and customized protocol to secure all of data transaction between clients and servers. It supports three methods (Own, Security Support Provider Interface, and Mixed) to authenticate client connections.

  • Support all of COM-enabled development languages for client applications
    SocketPro comes with a set of COM objects exposing IDispatch-derived interfaces. It can be used with all of COM-enabled development languages.
  • Support lots of development languages for server applications
    The latest version of SocketPro supports not only C/C++ with all of compilers available, but also .Net languages. SocketPro supports all development languages capable of handling window callbacks and threads.
  • Great interoperability
    Unlike common distributed frameworks, SocketPro has great interoperability among many different development languages. For example, you can easily let old VB code directly communicate the latest dotNet managed code without any help from other middle components.
  • Support multiple services with one port
    As shown in samples, SocketPro server provides different services with one TCP/IP port. You can easily add your services into a SocketPro server. All of services can be switched at run time.
  • SocketPro is affordable, and can be free to you
    SocketPro comes with two critical but free services, remote database through MS OLEDB in middle and file management services.
  • Source .NET adapter codes, consulting service, remote tutoring and debugging
            After buying
    per-application license, you can get .NET adapter source codes by email at support@udaparts.com. You may be not used to asynchrony computation and its coding at the beginning. We can provide affordable remote tutorial and debugging to you. We also provide consulting services at affordable price.