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Dev Guide

    OleDBProNet is a .NET class library which is a complete, feature-rich, and extremely powerful data access solution for .NET programmers through MS OLEDB technology. It offers the following key benefits over ADO.NET

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1.    Extremely simple:

    There is no need to manage database schema like keys, relationships and others on client side. OleDBProNet just has five classes, and each of them is easy to use and understand.

    OleDBProNet hides all of complexities of raw OLEDB programming. It is written with the classical ADO data accessing model. You will never meet BLOBs and other complicate data types conversion to bother you for all types of SQL statements. 

    OleDBProNet comes with fifteen real and advanced C# and VB.NET samples to assist your developments no matter what programming background you have.

    If you have somewhat background in old ADO (Active Data Objects), you will feel OleDBProNet is extremely simple and intuitive to use.

2.    Many features available:

   OleDBProNet supports all types of client and server cursors as shown in the attached samples. It supports all of advanced rowset navigation features (bookmark, bookmark and record searching, index, bi-directional scrolling, jumping and finding etc) directly on server side. OleDBProNet offers much more features than ADO.NET.

3.    Super performance with very small memory foot print:

   OleDBProNet is written from Visual C++ 2005 C++/CLI with direct use of raw OLEDB interfaces, which almost eliminates data marshaling across layers between native and managed codes completely. Also, OleDBPro uses batching mode (20 records per batch) to retrieve and update records by default.

   Generally, OleDBProNet is about five times as fast as ADO in .NET environment. Also, OleDBProNet is about 15% faster than MS OleDB.NET provider.

   OleDBProNet can manage huge data records using various server cursors, but ADO.NET can't. Therefore, OleDBProNet is significantly faster and simpler than ADO.NET for accessing a large number of data records.

4.    Complete solution to all types of your databases from one copy of code:

    OleDBProNet is a complete solution to all of types of databases, SQL server, Oracle, Access, MySQL, DB2, ....... As long as you have an OLEDB provider, or ODBC driver, or ISAM driver available, it will work for you with one copy of code only.

5.    Data grid view control integrated:    

    OleDBProNet supports binding data grid view control with either client or server cursor.

6.    Free expertise support:

   If you purchase a license of OleDBProNet, we give you free expertise support through your development.

7.    Source code available:

   You can get a copy of OleDBProNet source code.