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OleDBPro vs ATL
OleDBPro vs ADO

        OleDBPro is a C++ class library which is a complete, feature-rich, and extremely powerful data access solution for C++ programmers. 

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Key Benefits

  • Complete solution
    No matter what data source is, OleDBPro can access it as long as an OLEDB provider, or ODBC driver, or ISAM driver is available. 
            No matter what a valid statement is, OleDBPro can ALWAYS handle it easily and friendly with less coding.
            No matter what a rowset is and no matter how many binary large objects (BLOBs) a rowset record has, OleDBPro can ALWAYS handle them easily and friendly with a little coding for both data writing and retrieving,
            OleDBPro virtually wraps all the OLEDB objects, all common and tough OLEDB interfaces, and virtually all of them.
  • Faster than ATL consumer templates
            OleDBPro module is carefully written by direct use of OLEDB interfaces and specifically designed and optimized for C++ development only. No OLEDB module is faster than OleDBPro in the world.
            By default, OleDBPro deals with all the statements using batch (group) model to reduce network traffic if possible. For examples, OleDBPro retrieves a batch (20) of records instead of one by one by default. By default, OleDBPro also sends multiple sets of parameters data into a data source instead of one set by one set.
            OleDBPro supports using bookmarks, indexes and keys to pinpoint records.
            OleDBPro has a unique feature, data bindings modification at run time, to increase data accessing speed.
  • Simpler than ADO
            OleDBPro automatically manages accessors, memory allocations and binding structures on the fly for all of statements. You never deals with them directly, which makes your coding much simpler and more fun. No other OLEDB module is able to provide such a statement in the world!
            Numerous well-tested real samples are available.
            OleDBPro dramatically simplifies data type conversions, BLOBs managements and error message managements.
            OleDBPro has internal functions to check and notify programming errors with debug version of OleDBPro library.
  • Rich in features
    No OLEDB module is able to provide more features than OleDBPro in the world.
  • Source code available
            You can get a copy of OleDBPro source code, and even compile it directly into your project. 
  • Free expertise support
            If you purchase a license of OleDBPro, we give you free expertise support through your development.